What else can you sell?

Consider picking something in a smaller niche. Let’s say you find an eBook aimed at a specific industry or job – maybe something telling people how to make money from flower arranging. It seems less exciting and the audience is smaller but your product is now unique.

What’s more is that you can easily reach those flower arrangers by posting on a few flower blogs. And you can probably get your sales page to the top of Google for ‘flower arranging eBook’ much more easily. It has a clear USP as well, which makes it very easy to sell.

Better yet though, is to look at the routes to market you already have. What contacts can you leverage? Where can you reach a lot of people? What are those people interested in?

Think about how you’ll sell the product and where you’ll reach your target demographic before you pick the product. That is how you succeed and it’s a strategy you can repeat over and over again.

If you already have a successful website with a huge audience, then of course it makes sense for you to choose a product that will appeal to that audience.

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