Links – an underrated way of selling

How about embedding links within the body of your articles? This is something that very few affiliates take advantage of but it’s a great way to monetize a website or blog. Simply write about whatever subject you’re interested in covering and then insert an affiliate link into the text. This way, you can promote the product subtly and anyone who is engaged with your content might click it.

It’s like adding AdSense to your page, except you earn much more commission and you get to actively encourage people to click the link. You can even be honest about the fact that it earns you money!
In fact, the law in many parts of the world is that you must disclaim that you are making money from those products. You can do this easily by using a plugin that adds a message to the bottom of every page on your site – but don’t forget!

One of the best types of content for selling affiliate products is the top ten list. You can make a countdown article listing the best home gym equipment if you’re in the fitness industry, or you can create an article sharing the most powerful laptops on the market if you write about tech.
Whichever you do, this is perfect for generating clicks and money, and will also lend itself perfectly to rich snippets, which can really help your content to stand out in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Likewise, there’s nothing stopping you from placing an affiliate link within the body of an e-mail. This is a great way to reach people right inside their inbox at a time when they may be receptive to your offers.

Affiliate links can also go in eBooks. If you are selling a digital product or giving one away for free, then you can add links to your PDF. The people reading this are likely to be highly engaged with your brand, and thus likely to buy what you recommend. These are qualified leads and that makes it the perfect place to try and sell even bigger ticket items.

Imagine selling a digital product for $20 a pop, and then making lots MORE money from all the people reading the book and following your advice.
Or how about putting an affiliate link on a physical flier or pamphlet? The best way to use this is to use a more memorable and simple URL and then have it redirect to your affiliate link. That way you can actually advertise your product in person!

The point of these suggestions is partly to demonstrate that you don’t always have to be actively selling the product: you can try the soft-sell by simply adding the link, perhaps with an image.

This works especially well for physical products (especially if you use a well designed button and the item is actively related to the content on the page). If you have a popular site with a lot of viewers and a lot of content, then simply weaving buy links in throughout in this way can lead to lots of sales trickling in… and they all add up!

There are many more ways you can use affiliate links, you just have to be creative. Experiment and try different things and you might be surprised what works best for you and your product!

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