How to make a sales page

A sales page is a page on a website that has been designed specifically with the purpose of selling something. That means that it won’t provide any other content (no articles) and likely no other links or even adverts either. You don’t want anything here that could risk distracting people from the product you’re selling.

The shape of a sales page is normally going to be very long and narrow, which will in turn encourage readers to keep scrolling and therefore to invest more time into the process of reading what you have to say. This makes it much harder for them to leave without buying, as they will feel as though they wasted their time!

Most important though is the writing. Write your sales pitch correctly, and you can take this captive audience and turn them into eager buyers.
Persuasive writing is an incredibly powerful tool that can turn you into a marketing Jedi. These are not the drones you are looking for…

Ultimately, if you know how to use words to persuade an audience, then you will be far more effective at making sales, at getting people to subscribe to your list and generally at achieving any goal you’re looking to.

So how do you go about learning this superpower? Here are some tips that will help…

•Grab attention. People are short of time and don’t want to read through large amounts of text. If you want to persuade your audience, then first you need to get them to actually read what you have to say. How do you do this? One method is to open with a bold statement.

Another is to grab attention by using a narrative structure. The latter works particularly well as we naturally find it very difficult to turn away from a story without getting to the end

• Use facts and figures:People need to learn to trust you – after all, they’ve never met you and they know you want to sell to them! Instead then, let the numbers speak for you. The more figures you can quote and the more authorities you can reference, the more persuasive your argument will become.

• Anticipate. Anticipate the concerns your readers will have and then combat them right away. For instance, you can mention how there are ‘lots of amazing sounding offers online’ but point out that this isn’t ‘just another scam’.

• Mitigate risk Your reader doesn’t want to take risks. This means that they are more keen to hold onto what they have than they are to gain something new. You need to remove any risk factor then by offering money back guarantees and free trials.

Most importantly: understand the value proposition. This is the emotional value of your product: the way in which you are promising it can change your readers’ lives. For example, if you are selling an ebook on fitness, then you should note that you’re not really selling an ebook on fitness!

What you’re really selling is the feeling of having boundless energy, ripped abs, and tons of confidence. You need to focus on that! Speak to the heart, and try to get the reader to feel something – ideally excitement for buying your product.

Remember: many digital products will come with ready-made sales pages like this, meaning that you can simply lift the script wholesale to use on your own page.

With your sales page, you now simply need to direct your audience toward that page in order to start generating conversions. This can be done through emails, and by promoting your product on your social media. You can even include adverts for the product in the sidebar of your site and elsewhere

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