How to create your brand

This is a long one but an important one.

Gaining this kind of influence of course is not easy. In order to get to the point where people will buy things just because you recommend them means putting in a lot of time, and making an honest attempt to provide real value over time.

This starts by creating a website along with a strong social media presence. Don’t try and sell right away, but instead spend time building up that trust and loyalty through a campaign of delivering excellent quality content consistently.

The most important thing? Have a clear, strong brand, with a great mission statement, and a concrete “buyer persona.” (The buyer persona is the portrait of your “ideal customer.”)

The biggest mistake to make is to try and create a very general website with as broad an appeal as possible. As with the digital product you buy in the first place, this can be a mistaken strategy. The reason for that, is that when you go extremely broad, you also necessarily create a brand that is dull and uninteresting.

A “fitness” website for instance is too generic and too done to death to be popular. It means competing with the entire internet pretty much. How do you stand out in such a saturated market?

Consider instead then having a website that is about Fitness for Over 40s. Or how about Paleo Fitness. Or CrossFit. Or Outdoor Fitness. Or Hardcore Bodybuilding.

All of these options have a much clearer target audience, a much clearer mission statement, and a more interesting hook. They will each appeal to fewer people, but the people that they do appeal to, will be FAR more likely to engage and be excited that there is something out there specifically for them.

The brand should then be born out of this clear and passionate goal. That means that when someone looks at your logo or your website design, they should know instantly whether it will appeal to them or not. Your brand should strongly communicate who it is for and what it is about: and your content should then back this up.

The hardcore bodybuilding site will likely be red and black with lots of dark images of extremely strong guys, and articles about “boosting testosterone with compound lifts.”

Meanwhile, the paleo fitness site will likely be green and white with images of people running outside in nature. From here, all your advertising, all your social posts, and EVERYTHING should be congruent with this image.
And then, when you choose your affiliate product, it should ideally speak to that exact same audience. And you will market it in that way, and sell it with that value proposition.

What’s ALSO crucial is that you provide unique and new content that demonstrates real expertise.

Here’s a shock: if you hire a writer who doesn’t know about the topic, then you will NEVER sell the affiliate product. Why? Because all that hired writer CAN do, is to research the topic and regurgitate it in their own words.
That means that none of the content is going to be new or insightful, and might well be out of date or incorrect (because they won’t know the topic well enough to identify when this is the case).

You should write yourself or find a writer who is genuinely passionate about the topic. Why? Because then they will have something NEW and exciting to say! This is how you become a thought leader, and get people to listen and to sign up: because they want a new perspective.

Be bold. Be different. Be passionate. Then choose a product that speaks to the very same audience.
Don’t have time for that? Don’t worry – there are other options too which are covered in other posts.

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