Content Samurai – an easy way to turn blog posts into videos

This review is being written in my blog – but the intention is to make a video. I’m using software called Content Samurai. This is from the same team that brought you the great SEO software Market Samurai.

Content Samurai is excellent for Affliate Marketers because it allows you to convert any of your blog posts or sales letters into an attractive video. As Youtube becomes more demanding, videos made by some of those cheapo programs are not going to do well. Content Samurai uses excellent stock footage and looks great.

I’m recording this with my own voice but you don’t need to do that. You can just have the text with a music background. Or you can have an artificial voice read the text. I’m knocked out by the progress that has been made in this area. They all sound really good. If you are shy or if you have a strong accent, this provides a perfectly acceptable solution.

The great advantage is one of time. You’ve already put the effort into the writing. Now you can repurpose the content in a matter of minutes.

You can produce an even better video by editing it. You can also start the whole process from scratch with a blank canvas. But the automatic video is good and you can confidently post it.

This doesn’t replace Camtasia as a means of producing review videos. It doesn’t take screen shots itself. But as a means of adding variety to your text content, it is a no-brainer buy. But you can get a FREE TRIAL by clicking on the link below.

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