All the content you could possibly need – for one dollar

PLR is useful for any Affiliate Marketer. It provides you with content and allows you to concentrate on the marketing. But it’s not as straightforward as that. A lot of PLR articles are absolutely awful. I once bought a collection of 1000 articles and every single one was dreadful. Money back time. So you need a good source of articles, somebody you can trust. And there’s no point In just posting up the same article as everybody else. You need to change it a bit. Tweaking an article takes time and effort. Luckily programs that can spin articles have improved greatly. The latest version of Spinwriter on a conservative setting produces decent articles – but only if you start off with a decent original.

PLR ebooks seem to me to be a more attractive proposition. They sometimes come complete with sales pages and social media graphics. It seems very attractive – a site done for you with a product. Certainly a lot of people buy these product-in-a-box solutions. But therein lies the problem – dozens if not hundreds of identical sites. Imagine what Google thinks of that.

A much better solution is to use the PLR books as a bonus to an affiliate offer. These days it is almost impossible to make an affiliate sale without bonuses. But it has to be the right bonus.

Another solution is to rip the content from the book and turn it into articles. This has two advantages. Firstly, in my experience, books tend to be much better written than articles. Secondly, most people are much too lazy to do this, so there is a lot less competition.

So where do you get decent PLR? It is a bit of a minefield. You really want to look before you buy. I like this offer because you pay just one dollar for five days. You can cancel at any time. The collection is huge with lots of good stuff, though there is some dross. And there are excellent training videos, as you would expect from this vendor.

Well worth trying this for five days.

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